Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Project


Just started working on a new project. Due to the subjective views of internet anonymity I can’t really say to much about it.

I will say that it was designed to bypass internet filters, Whether these be at schools, workplaces, .etc

Currently it will bypass the majority of internet filters. More compatibility testing is being conducted right this second.

The code currently operates on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices. An android version may be released at a later date. This is still VERY BUGGY. Also the network is slower than what’d you expect from the device w/out this client. Until I can work out some of these bugs it will remain UNRELEASED. It’s current “classification” is Pre-Alpha. Please Don’t ask to use it. I’ve already received a ton of requests (All Have been Denied).

I WILL release it when I believe it to be stable enough for daily use.

So now the only obvious question left: Why?
Why? Because I believe the internet should be free of censorship. You should be able to access YouTube, your favorite social network, and other services anywhere! Whether this censorship is filter based or security enhanced I will continue to provide and add support to this.

In the meantime…
and in case your reading this anywhere else: